Cass- Lagoon

Got out and did the Cass – Lagoon track yesterday, running from the Bealey end after leaving the car at Cass and hitching to Coral Lynn.

The sign at the start of the track, complete with times and map

I am not 100% on the distance, but Mike Steel has it at 34km. Going off map my run I was thinking 32km and 1000m climbing…………

On Cass Saddle after 3hr35min of running and 1500m climbing!

I was thinking it would take in around 4hrs to run this loop, but there was around a extra 500m climbing that I first expected (1532m ascended according to my T6C), and the going was pretty slow on the rivers beds and I also made the short side trip to Mirror Tarn. In the end it turned into a 4hr45min epic. I probably didn’t eat or drink enough early in the run, as I was feeling good, but once over 2 3/4 hrs I started to go down hill a little and the last 45mins down the Cass River bed wasn’t pretty…….

I had left a feast- pasta, miso soup and smoothie- in my car so was pretty pumped once I final finished.


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