Wharfdale Track

Went for a great little run around Mt Oxford today on the Wharfdale track, starting at View Hill car park. It was the first time that I have run (or done anything) in this area and was pretty impressed. It was very windy in Castle Hill today and we hoped to get away from the wind and rain a little by heading east. It was still very windy in exposed places, but no rain and even pretty calm as I got deep into the single track. I was feeling good, tired after 10+hrs running in the 7 days previous, but good all the same. I made it to the Wharfdale Hut in 1hr13mins and turned back for the car after refilling my water. I moved fast over the new terrain and was aiming to “negative split” the run, meaning that I would run the 2nd half faster than the first. All was going to plan until the slightest of twists to my right ankle…….. The  Wharfdale track, and this spot especially are not technical, so how I came to grief  I am not sure. The result was a slow and what I imagine to be a sorry looking half run, half hobble back to the car, finishing up in 2hrs38mins. I stopped and soaked my ankle in a cold stream and laced my shoe a little tighter to help with the swelling, but it’s a little puffy now.  I feel like I have been pushing it a little hard the last 7-10 days, so this could be my body telling me to slow down? A few easy days are on the menu and they won’t hurt.


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