White Xmas

Looks like we are in for a white Xmas out here in Castle Hill with fresh snow on Castle Hill Peak over night. Just a dusting but made it a bit chilly for my first run on over a week since twisting my ankle pretty badly on the Whafedale Track last Sunday. Felt amazing to “wake up” my legs with a easy 30mins. Took it very slowly, especially on the down hills. The only thing worse than twisting a ankle is re twisting one thats still healing.


3 thoughts on “White Xmas

  1. Hey Grant,
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! I dig the new blog, I just started a wordpress blog abit ago too and really appreciate how straight forward it is to use. Are you feeling strong for Worlds in March?

  2. hey Ian,
    good to hear you like the new blog. Word press is a lot classer than blogger.
    Sadly I don’t think I will be lining up in Andorra, but if I was, yeah I feel strong. Much stronger (and more importantly wiser!) than I was in Switzerland in ’08. All good, a summer with some hight trail running goals and the chance to race in Italy in 2011. Really gonna miss the PM, I hope you are ready for the most amazing race over your life!

    • Ahhhh the Pierra Menta, I wish I could but I’ll be on the Haute route that week…. I’ll be sending everyone good vibes though. Too bad about not making it to Andorra, I know Reiner was looking forward to seeing you again. Any advice for a first time World cupper?

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