Early morning Avalanche Peak

We spent a few nights out in Arthur’s Pass last week and with the late shift at work I got up early to run up Avalanche Peak before starting work at 930.

This is the first time that I have been up the Avalanche Peak track since doing the race in March and it was good to reacquaint my self with this steep and rugged track. I feel pretty sluggest as I got stated just after 6am and with no warm up rolled straight into the steepness. It was a little cool in the valley but once above tree line I had warmed up and was loving being out in what is often the best part of the day. I reached to top in 62mins, about 7mins off my fastest time up the 1100m climb. I stopped my watch and sat down on the summit enjoying the view and how peaceful it is at this time in the morning. This of course did not last as 3 young kea flew in and started squawking away happily. The run down to the village was pretty slow as my right ankle was still felling a little tender. The round tip took me 1hr51mins.


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