Cass Lagoon & Camp Lyndon

After our boxing day run with Tim in the seaward Kaikoura’s, Jane and I drove back to Castle Hill on the Sunday and gave our legs a bit of a rest. But with a warm day on the cards yesterday the rest didn’t last long. We got off to a slowish start but after giving Jane about a 25min head start I started off running up the Cass River and caught up to Jane at the Cass Hut. We run together until Cass Saddle and then I hammered the down hill to Hamilton Hut, taking a hair over 2hrs to reach from the car. We then run and walk up to Lagoon Saddle in about 2hrs, before I again blasted the down hill to Coral Lynn, taking about 4hr50min for the loop.
Today I waited until the hottest part of the day (30!) and drove up the BR road for a bit. I run up the road and the track to Camp Saddle and down the scree to the Craigieburn Valley single track. Down the valley and over Lyndon and down the “luge” to the car- probably my favorite 1.5hr loop!
This caps off a solid block of training, my best since before the Molesworth. About 16hrs running in the last 7days and I am feeling strong! A few easy days out in the Pass and then maybe the 67km St James track on the 2nd and in a few weeks a 64k out and back on the Routeburn.


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