Some Interesting Reading

Well I found these to be an interesting read anyway…….
Routeburn Classic entry opens Monday at 7am, here’s the latest newsletter from race director Ewan-“Just giving all of our previous entrants and those who have registered interest on the database a reminder that entries open for the Routeburn Classic on Monday the 25th January at 7am. Click here for the full story…

Anton Krupicka, a US Ultra runner gave this interview that I think is worth a look. If you are left wanting more of Tony, here’s his blog. His 2009 Leadville DNF race report is a great read if you want to follow someone crapping themselves for 80 miles at record pace. Tony even has his own running film-

Geoff Roes, another US ultra runner has, what I think, to be a refreshing approach on his up-coming race season and in particular the Western States and UTMB races. I think in NZ we often are afraid to put our neck out and state a goal, especially when it is a lofty one, and not surprisingly, in our PC gone mad country, NZer’s are the masters of the “tall poppy“. Now being America, you wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Roes was declaring victory before he even got to the start line, but I don’t think that’s his style, nor would I be interested in that. “I know that I have a chance to win any 100 mile race that I line up for. Doesn’t mean that my chances are even all that great…….. but for now I’m in them to win them!”    Chick out Geoff’s Blog and the whole ” in ’em to win ’em” post.


Routeburn Run Splits

Below are my splits from my run over the Routeburn last Wednesday

The Divide (start) to Howden Hut- 20mins
Howden Hut to Mackenzie Hut- 50min- 1hr10min
Mackenzie Hut to Harris Saddle- 52mins- 2hrs02mins
Harris to Routeburn Falls- 21mins- 2hrs23mins
Routeburn Falls to Routeburn Shelter (finish)- 41mins- 3hrs04mins

The Routeburn Falls huts and Routeburn Valley- photo Jane

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Salomon SpeedCross2 Review

“Race-ready, ultra-light and built for speed” is how Salomon sums up the SpeedCross2 and I could haven’t said it better, so I won’t try, rather I will give a more long winded explanation on why you should  have a pair on your feet.

I was excited to say the least, as I slipped into Salomon’s Speed Cross 2 trail shoe for my first outing in them. I had high hopes for my latest pair of trail runners. These would be my 4th pair of Salomon shoes and I haven’t been disappointed thus far with the excellent features that are standard of all Salomon’s line.

Handling the Speed Cross 2’s it would be easy to be apprehensive of their ability to handle to rigors of trail running. At first glance there seems to be nothing but an outer sole and a thin foot bed in the forefoot area of the shoe, and anyone would rightly question the durability of such a light shoe. Continue reading

Routeburn Run

Had a great training run over the Routeburn track today. Its was a slow start to the day, but after 2 bus companies, 8 stops, $80 and 4 hours I was at The Divide and ready to go. Jane and Gary drove to the Routeburn end and meet me just before I got to Harris Saddle.

Just before I reached Harris Saddle Jane and Gary meet me and Jane quickly snapped this action shot!

It was a great training run and I was pretty happy with it. I did 3hr12min at the Routeburn Classic last year and I managed to shave 8mins off that time today. I will post some more photos and some splits when I get back home.

Southern Lakes Rd Trip

“Sateg 1” of our southern rd trip is down! We rolled into Wanaka about 630 last night and headed to the Mt Roy track. I got away just after 7pm and 1hr6min and 1250m later I was standing on top of Mt Roy in a cold wind and light rain. The track is a 4wd track and more or less runable the whole way apart from a few sections. And the views- sick!
After that we set up camp in Albert Town next to the river and today have awoken to a great day in Wanaka. A short run over the flat, first 7km of the Skyline course today and the to the Aspiring Art Award opening night were Jane has “Castle Hill Rocks” on show. Then its off to Queenstown for the night.


I have been out of the “blogging” loop for a little bit with my lap top dieing on me just before the new year, so here’s the first post of 2010!

I headed up to Lewis Pass on the 1st day of the year to run the St James on the 2nd, but we awoke to heavy rain, quickly packing up the tent and headed for Hanmer, were it was warm and dry. I got a solid 2hr50min, 1100m for my first run of the year. It was a pretty fun run as there are a heap of trails, steep climbs and not a lot is marked/sign posted.

This week has been pretty solid. Only about 7hrs running (the 2 weeks before were 10+ each), but real good quality and about 4000m vertical. This was made up with a 1hr40 loop around BR and Craigieburn,  2 runs up Avalanche Peak and a few easy ones in between.

The first Avalanche Peak run was on Wednesday, after work in heavy rain and strong NW winds. If you raced in the Avalanche Peak Challenge last year then you know how crappy it was, well it was a lot wetter and winder Wednesday night. I wasn’t sure if I would go all the way to the top, but by the time I got to the point were I could have cut from the avalanche track, across to Scott’s track I was only 10-15mins from the top and only about 5 of those would be on the ridge fully exposed to the strong NW gusts, so I kept on going, surprising my self by getting to the top sub 60min, in about 57mins. It was a fast trip down and I did the round trip in about 1hr38.

My 2nd trip up Avalanche Peak was yesterday in much nicer weather. I was a little slower to the tree line than I was on Wednesday, but must have picked it up as I got to the top in 55mins and then took the ridge towards Mt Rolleston. This is the way the race will go (weather dependent) and I wanted to get a split from Avalanche to the top of the scree that leads down to the Crow River. This ridge section is very ran-able and took about 15mins. I then turned around I went back the way I had come (the rivers were running high and I didn’t feel like dealing with hitching back to the village) and down Scott’s track again.

I find it really good to go over the course pre race for any event and the plan is to keep the treed up next week with a trip down south. I hope to have a good look at the Wanaka Skyline Challenge course with a run up Mt Roy, as well as run the Routeburn. Hopefully the weather will be good!