Routeburn Run Splits

Below are my splits from my run over the Routeburn last Wednesday

The Divide (start) to Howden Hut- 20mins
Howden Hut to Mackenzie Hut- 50min- 1hr10min
Mackenzie Hut to Harris Saddle- 52mins- 2hrs02mins
Harris to Routeburn Falls- 21mins- 2hrs23mins
Routeburn Falls to Routeburn Shelter (finish)- 41mins- 3hrs04mins

The Routeburn Falls huts and Routeburn Valley- photo Jane

This time would have placed me 4th in the 2009 and 2008 Routeburn Classic races, but as we know talk is cheap, it all comes down to putting it all together on the day. I am pretty sure I can put it all together and go faster on race day, April 24th. Why I am I so sure, well a few reasons I guess-
-It was a training run, I mean really who run’s slower in a race than on a training ran??
-I haven’t done a bit of speed training in months, so I know I can get my legs going faster when the time comes
-I had a pretty big week leading into that training run- 2 sub 1hr Avalanche Peak ascents and a 2hr, 1300m run up Mt Roy
-I sat for 4+hrs on a bus winding my way to The Divide from Queenstown
-The night before was a mates birthday, so a few drinks and a late(ish) night

These aren’t excuses for not running faster the other day, but more me going over in my head how I can squeeze a little more time out of the 32kms and get under 3hrs.

Gary running towards Harris Saddle-photo by Jane

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