Some Interesting Reading

Well I found these to be an interesting read anyway…….
Routeburn Classic entry opens Monday at 7am, here’s the latest newsletter from race director Ewan-“Just giving all of our previous entrants and those who have registered interest on the database a reminder that entries open for the Routeburn Classic on Monday the 25th January at 7am. Click here for the full story…

Anton Krupicka, a US Ultra runner gave this interview that I think is worth a look. If you are left wanting more of Tony, here’s his blog. His 2009 Leadville DNF race report is a great read if you want to follow someone crapping themselves for 80 miles at record pace. Tony even has his own running film-

Geoff Roes, another US ultra runner has, what I think, to be a refreshing approach on his up-coming race season and in particular the Western States and UTMB races. I think in NZ we often are afraid to put our neck out and state a goal, especially when it is a lofty one, and not surprisingly, in our PC gone mad country, NZer’s are the masters of the “tall poppy“. Now being America, you wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Roes was declaring victory before he even got to the start line, but I don’t think that’s his style, nor would I be interested in that. “I know that I have a chance to win any 100 mile race that I line up for. Doesn’t mean that my chances are even all that great…….. but for now I’m in them to win them!”    Chick out Geoff’s Blog and the whole ” in ’em to win ’em” post.


3 thoughts on “Some Interesting Reading

  1. that would cool Matt. I have heard/read that the short for it is better that the full lenght, but still worth a look!
    I don’t see you name on the Routeburn start list??

    • nah, the whole thing is pretty good.

      I had to draw the line at doing routeburn. I’m going down a week later to Run Milford, Routeburn and Kepler on 3 consecutive days. Doing Wanaka Skyline next month though and then running some of the Motatapu Track the next day.

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