Bouncing Back

Felt like I bounced back pretty well this week after the horror show in Wanaka last Saturday. I got a touch over 11hr running in, with 3200m climbing. Took it easy early week and only over 60mins when the legs felt good. Good work out on Friday on am. I did some intervals- 3mins hard, 2min rest between with one way rolling down hill and then back the other way on the roll up hill. I started off thinking I would only get 3 in, then maybe 4 and then did the 5th easy. Got down the Bealey River (avo peak bad weather course) Wednesday and then the full course Sunday. The Sunday run was on tired legs, but was very mellow and fun run with Jane and Tim. Apart  from Oscar, our neighbor’s dog, Tim and Jane are the closest I have to consistent training partners and we have gotten a few bigger, adventurous runs like this in now.

I have confirmed my hate of river bed running during Wednesday and Sunday’s runs and have really no expectations with the Avo peak race because of the river bed running. It will be a good hard training run.


Wanaka Skyline Challange

As I said in my earlier post It was “probably my worst feeling race ever” at the Wanaka Skyline Challange this past Saturday and after having a few days to think about it and go over the race, I am sure that this was the worst state I have ever gotten myself in – yippy for me!

Our little trip south started pretty well. We finished work in Arthur’s Pass at 4.30 on Thursday afternoon after making coffees for all the 2 day C2C racers on their way to Kumara. We headed west and I was amazed at the scene in Kumara. Kayaks and road bikes as far as the eye could see………. We stopped in Hoki for some very average fish n’ chips (we opted for the quiet shop…) and made our way south. This drive never stops amazing me. It is such a joy to drive along the west coast and the drive has a lot of cool memories for me as my brother lived on the coast and I spent a winter working as a fisherman, of all things, in Jackson’s Bay, so spent a heap of time in the area. We got to Bruce Bay right on sunset and then to Haast around 11pm. Friday morning was pretty relaxed, we had breakfast with my family before heading to Wanaka to run over part of the Skyline course. We enjoyed a swim in lake Wanaka, had west cost white bait for lunch and rested up. Continue reading

Skyline Challange Quick Update

Had what was probably my worst feeling race ever today at the Wanaka Skyline Challenge.
About 10mins longer up to Mt Roy than my training run over the same course last month. I was in 7th place for a time before finally getting my act together and passing 4 people on the final down and finishing 2nd.
Had a amazing puking session post race……………
More to come.


Finally it feels like summer has arrived with temps in the high 20’s for the last week or so. After 4 days off running and with a little help my back  came right and I jumped back into training. Since Monday I have gotten out for 8 runs and clocked up just under 7hrs. Doing the math you can see that they have been mostly pretty short. The highlights have been doing my first speed work out since August (which was on ski’s at Porters); running up the Otira Valley until reaching snow, shirtless at 8pm; running barefoot along the grass flats on Turkey Flat; and  today’s 2hrs around Castle Hill/Craigieburn trails that was finished off with a swim in Cave Stream. It was the 4th post run swim this week and there is no better feeling after working up a sweet on a hot summers day. Plus it is great for tired, sore muscles.

I think I will get 10hrs in this week with 1.5hrs planned for tomorrow and 2hrs on Sunday. This is all part of my plan to run every day for the next 3 months or so in a hope to gain some consistency in my training, rather than all the ups and downs that I seem to keep going through.

First race of the new year (and since the Molesworth in late November) in just over a week. The Wanaka Skyline Challenge will be more a training run than anything, but I think its 27km, 1300mvert course will suit me. Its all on tracks (I think-Matt?) and has a nice big, more or less runable 1100m+ climb. I think I will be running it on tired legs, but that’s OK, it is only February……………….

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Drugs are good

“Drugs are neat, and you can buy ’em relatively cheap. And when you do ’em people think that you’re cool. And when you do ’em people think that you’re cool.”NOFX, Drugs are good

I gave myself a nice little Lumbar Strain last week as I attempted to do some real work like splitting firewood and staining our house. It may have not been so bad if I hadn’t death marched up Leith Hill, the small 1300m peak behind CHV, with poor hunched over, hands on knees form. I then did a small time trial up Helicopter Hill the next day, where again some poor form was used.

Luckily a quick trip to the doctor in Darfield yielded some Diclofenac (anti inflammatory) and  Baclofen (muscle relaxant = good sleep!). I was amazed how much pain I was in considering nothing was broken, nor was I bleeding, so the little pills are going down a treat at the moment.

I haven’t run for 4 days now and I am starting to go a little (more) crazy with the lack of exercise so I’ll attempt a small run today and see how I hold up.