Bouncing Back

Felt like I bounced back pretty well this week after the horror show in Wanaka last Saturday. I got a touch over 11hr running in, with 3200m climbing. Took it easy early week and only over 60mins when the legs felt good. Good work out on Friday on am. I did some intervals- 3mins hard, 2min rest between with one way rolling down hill and then back the other way on the roll up hill. I started off thinking I would only get 3 in, then maybe 4 and then did the 5th easy. Got down the Bealey River (avo peak bad weather course) Wednesday and then the full course Sunday. The Sunday run was on tired legs, but was very mellow and fun run with Jane and Tim. Apart  from Oscar, our neighbor’s dog, Tim and Jane are the closest I have to consistent training partners and we have gotten a few bigger, adventurous runs like this in now.

I have confirmed my hate of river bed running during Wednesday and Sunday’s runs and have really no expectations with the Avo peak race because of the river bed running. It will be a good hard training run.


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