Mt Lyford Challenge

Just back from Lyford and the Mt Lyford Challenge. Jane lined up for the “Extreme Challenge”, a 20km, 2000m “running” race. Jane crushed it, winning the woman’s race in  4hr01mins. It sounded pretty hard, with some crazy river running, as well as some very nice ridge running.

I did the 9km, 856m race. This was a pretty good choice as it meant a sleep in and then a little nap after Jane started her race/before my race started. I was pretty happy with my race, winning it in 54min30sec, beating KerryFass by about 8mins and breaking the course record by about 4mins.

I’ll post some photos and a few more details later in the week.

An easy 4-5 days coming up and then a “crash week” that should include running sections of the Routeburn!


4 thoughts on “Mt Lyford Challenge

  1. Thanks Tim! You would have been loving the 20km race from what Jane was saying. Lots of crazy creek running and water falls, a bit like our Mt Fyfe run.

    • When will you be hanging around the Routeburn? We’re taking Samantha and Ollie to Routeburn Flats on Friday 2nd April. I’ll probably do a big out and back that night.

      • hey Matt! Will be down a little earlier than that, running up there on the 30th and 31st. More a work trip than a running trip.

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