Goings On…..

Been ages since I bothered posting anything here, almost forgot that I had a silly little blog……….

Well if there is anyone out there that keeps track of this thing and hasn’t grown tried of waiting for the next post, here it is!

Been super busy, hence the lack of blogging. The 2 business that I run- http://www.iclimb.co.nz and my little baby- Ski Mountaineering Equipment have been cranking. I have been posting away a heap of Mont Bell and Simond gear for iclimb and things are already picking up for winter with SME. We import Dynafit and new for this year we have picked up ARVA, Brooks-Range and now we might even get Pomoca!

On the running front things have been going really well since Mt Lyford. I have started cranking into hill repeats and tempo runs. I even got down south on a sales trip and managed a few runs over the Routeburn track from the eastern side. I had a great run up to Harris Saddle and made good time back to the Routeburn Shelter. On the same trip I got a sweet 2hr out and back up the Copeland Valley (but sadly didn’t get to the hot pools). I have felt really strong on these work outs and am full of confidence going into the NZ mountain running champs this weekend, despite the stiff competition. Jonathan Wyatt (if you don’t know who Jono is then 1-  remove your head from your ass & 2- click on his link on the right side bar that is under “RUN”), 4 of the 2009 NZ Mt running team members and the 2007 NZ champs will all be on the start line at the base of Mt Campbell come Saturday!

Not that I am going to be taking a back seat to an army of North Islanders and the 5x world mountain running champ. As I said I am feeling strong and am full of self belief. The only thing more dangerous than someone that’s fighting fit and full of self belief is someone that is fit, confident and too stupid to know were they belong in the pecking order………

And now for a little motivational talk from Sick Of It All- “I Believe”


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