In Motueka

Hanging out in Motueka today in preparation for tomorrows NZ mountain running champs. I arrived yesterday afternoon after and long, wet and windy drive from Castle Hill. I drove over the first 7km of the course yesterday and then run an easy 20mins up from the locked gate half way up  Rocky Road, on Mt Campbell. The road up Mt Campbell is very similar in condition to a ski field road, with the first 7km being pretty flat and even has some short down hill sections. There are a few very short steep bits in this first part before the pitch jacks up. The 20mins that I did last night revealed some nice steep sections, the kind that I really enjoy. They were never walking steep and didn’t go for to long. It would have been nice to do all of the 2nd half of the course, but I feel happy with what I have seen.

This morning I went back and did a really short easy 10mins on the lower part of the rd, with some drill and light stride outs and then run back down to the car. My legs felt good and I am ready. I then drove up the road again to get familiar with this part of the course.

The high light will be seeing Jonathan Wyatt in action! Its pretty cool having the 6 x World Champ racing tomorrow and I think it will be a real high light. This article has been floating around on sportzhub, cool running and in the press-

I am now hanging out in Mot, drinking coffee, kicking back and general relaxing.

Thanks to every one that has sent me messages over the last week wishing me luck for this race.

Above- Jono ripping up Mt Campbell on the way to winning the 2008 NZ Champs


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