Lionel Fox X-Country

I lined up yesterday in my first x-country race in a long time. I think the last race I did was in Alburn, at Sierra Community College in N. California and must have been late 2000. I joined Sumner Running Club (SRC) a month or so ago when I raced the NZ Mtn Running Champs and got asked to join a team for the race this past Saturday. Running a  cross race is something that I never really envisioned doing again, but I have to say I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! I was running 3rd in our time, with Dallas leading out, Marty 2nd, handing off to me and Tane finishing things off. It seemed like most teams lead out with there fasted runner and Dallas was up against it, but come in solid, around 7th. Marty is a bit of a bad ass and had made up a bunch of places in the first lap and by the time he tagged me we were in 2nd place. I had no idea how I was gonna go. I got Plantar Fasciiti just after the Mt Champs (which explains my painful heal at the Routburn!) and have been taking things real easy since. This course was surprising fun, with a few short sharp ups and downs and I pulled in the University Club runner about half way into the first lap. By the time I got to Tane we had 30+secs on the Uni Club and knowing Tane’s speed I was sure we had it in the bag. I then turned to see Phil Costley waiting to run Uni’s anchor leg. Being a 63 half and 2hr13 full guy, as well as having the Kelper record and about 30 NZ titles I knew Tane would have a real flight holding Phil off. After the first lap they were neck and neck and Tane did a great job, with SRC coming in 2nd by less than 20sec.

The results are pretty intresting. I felt like a must have done a fast time, and was the fastest 3rd leg runner of the day, but the slowest on the SRC team, which is pretty cool really. Don’t know how many more x-country races I’ll do this winter. I guess it will depend on the skiing that day……

Check out the SRC web site for race report. Nice work to the SRC master men who won the masters, lead out by Gavin running a smoking hot time (2nd fasted of the day) barefoot!


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