Not yet, not when I am running around shirtless like yesterday, with out a flake of snow in the Craigieburns, but I sure am ready for winter to arrive with some snow. I can’t wait till I have to shovel snow off the car and put chains on to go ski, or even better- ski from home!

In the past I would have been sitting back waiting for winter, but this autumn I want to make the most of my summer fitness and keep running until I can start skinning/skiing every day. I hope to make it into the 60km Kepler Challenge that is in early December and plan on logging most of my winter training on skis. To make sure I don’t neglect my running over the winter months I am most likely going to enter the 50km Great Naseby Water Race at the end of August. 5 x 10km laps will not be the most exciting race, but I think it will serve the purpose of keeping my running legs in sharp so I can crank in to the running at the end of winter.

Can’t wait till we are doing this again! Jane in Tarn Basin- 2nd MAY ’09


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