First Turns

The weather forecast finally delivered, with the southerly arriving and the heavy rain turning to snow! We got a few cms of wet snow down in the village when we woke up Thursday morning, so I knew after my little reconnaissance up BR from the day before that we should be able to go for a skin up hill at the very least. Jane, Oscar and I got lucky as we were able to drive high to 1500m and started skinning from there. It was thin, but after only 100m vert we were skinning through new snow on top of a supportable crust- very promising. As we skinned higher I was amazing how good every thing was looking. I had prepared my self for skinning up and walking down, but we would be skiing!

Oscar was a endless source of entertainment on the climb up. He finally figured out that if he hang back in our skin track he was a lot easier for him.

It was still pretty thin and we only had a few options for the ski down, but what we had was good, real good.

It was storming still, but there was just enough light and if you want to ski powder in NZ then there is a good chance you’ll be skiing in the storm before the sun and heat gets to it. The skin track was in  so we did another few laps on this top 200m slope- well worth it.

Me and Oscar got out again yesterday. It was really storming good and light was flat, with the snow a lot more wind effected. We skinned from about 1300m up to the ridge- 1800m- and skied almost back to the car.

Above is Oscar and I on the ridge yesterday, mid storm. I was skiing by feel, but the white out didn’t seem to effect Oscar much. 2 days in to the 2010  winter and that little guy already has more fresh lines than some people will get all winter!


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