Peak 2 Peak

Had a great little outing today at the Peak 2 Peak multi sport race in Queenstown.

Warming up with George, Frankton Arm

Start of the run at Queenstown beach, sorting out my tangled bib

Team Ferg Burger got off to a pretty good start, with Neil (who I never meet!) come 3rd off the ski and Marty quickly jumped into 1st place on the down hill mt bike down the Remarks road. Mike paddled hard to hold onto our slight lead over the highly fancied and defending champs the Outside Sports team.
I knew that I would be having a tough time keeping Team Ferg Burger in the lead as I was up against Adrian Bailey who is a pretty handy Welshmen that now lives in Queenstown and has represented NZ at the World 100km Champs. the expectation was that I would drop anywhere form 30-90sec to Adrian on the 9km run from Queenstown beach to the Cornet Hotel. I didn’t know what to expect from Adrian or from my self in what I would call a flat road race (the last time I did a rd race like this was the peak 2 peak 7yrs ago). I knew Adrian would catch me at some stage and I just hoped I could hang on and keep the gap as small as possible.

Adrian & I passing the old Arthur's Point Hotel, as 2008 Routeburn winner and Outside Sports support crew Jim Hawkridge looks on

Despite some crazy stomach issues I was feeling pretty good, running side by side, or right behind Adrian and decided to give it a nudge on the climb up from the Shotover Bridge. I managed to put a gap on Adrian here, but wasn’t sure of exactly how far the Coronet Hotel was?? As we closed in on the transtion I concetrated on arranging my bib, while Adrian nipped past me.

Coming into the run/cycle transition

This really paid off as Scott our up hill (ex pro cyclist) and I had a pretty quick hand over. Scott hammered it hard straight off the bat, putting a good gap on Outside Sports Scott. We then held this to the finish at Coronet base!

Our time of 2hr02min51sec is a new record for the teams race! Results are HERE and a report HERE

It was a great little outing and I had way more fun than I was expecting. Really happy with my run. Thanks heaps to my team mates- Neil, Marty, Scott and Mike. Also the Freg Burger girls and Ant from Ferg Burger! And my personal support crew- Jane and George. Nice one Mike for putting our team together!


3 thoughts on “Peak 2 Peak

  1. Hey Grant,

    passing by at your blog I noticed you got a dog now…and i can’t help asking myself, if naming your dog George has got anything to do with us working together in the store about 2 years ago ;o).

    on the other hand…hell, i guess my ego’s grown too big again ;-).


    • hey George! Great to hear from you, hope all is well with you.
      No, we did not name our dog, it was the name he was give at the pound after being picked up off the street in Ashburton.
      Jane says hi!
      All the best

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