August is all but over, about 3hrs to go, and I am pretty happy the one it has gone from a training point of view.

45hrs and 18000m vert for the month, most of which was from running, rather than skiing. I would have been convinced that August was going to be a big ski month for me at the start of winter, but for all kinds of reasons I have found my self lacing up running shoes, than than put skins on skis.

Have managed a few super fun ski tours out to the Ryton and over the back of Cheeseman, but mostly it has been running. This, especially after this was weekends race, has put me in a great position to slowly keep tapping away at training and increasing the miles over September, before hopefully having a pretty big October and the easing back as the Kepler approaches. I would not say I have the “base” yet that I want, but am pretty close.

Don’t forget tomorrow morning to give those close to you a pitch and a punch………


Great Naseby Water Race

Had a great time yesterday at the Great Naseby Water Race, running in the 50km event. There are 4 different events at the Naseby Ultra event, with 100, 80, 50km events as well as a 2x 30km relay event. I have had the 50km race in the back of my mind for the last 3 months or so, primarily as a training run/winter motivation/ gage of fitness 3 months out from the Kepler, rather than a real “goal” race.

The 100km race started at 6am, the 80 at 9am and the 50 and relay at a very casual 10am. Jane was doing the relay with Ann, with Jane going 2nd, which was nice as she was able to support my first few laps before racing herself. Continue reading

Kepler Training

My “official” Kepler training kicked off today with a nice 45min run from Rainbow Reach to the Control Gates, which is the final 10km of the Kepler Challenge. Was really nice to get a little look at part of the course and with some luck I will get over the full 60km a few times before December!

The training will step up this weekend with a fitness check of sorts at the Naseby Ultra. I am linning up in the 50km race- the short option, with 80 and 100km races also taking place.

We are hanging out down south relaxing till Naseby, with not a lot of skiing getting done relative to last winter for a few different reasons.