New Brighton Pier 2 Pier 5km Race

photo- Rachel Harris

Had a fun little blast up and down New Brighton beach last night at the Pier 2 Pier 5km race. I haven’t done any speed work for a long time now and rather than doing my speed work out by myself up and down the gravel road in the beach forrest I figured I would do it on the beach. It was a little bit if a disappointing turn out all round, but with school holidays and the NZ road relay champs this weekend, it is not that surprising. Still, it is a bit of a worry when I can turn up and win a 5k race in Chch in 17 odd mins by over 1 min……..


Southern Lakes and Bank Peninsula

Another trip south this week for work, but surprisingly this didn’t interfere with training/running too much. I got a cool little outing in at Tekapo, climbing up the Mt John observatory via a steep little switched back track that yielded 300+ vert in less than 15mins of running. Once in Queenstown I got out 3times during my 2 days there. First up was a jog around the Ben Lomand and One Mile tracks. I managed to get a solid 2hrs and 1200m in, and then backed that up with a 1hr cruiser in the rain around the lake.

Running up the Ben Lomand Track

On Thursday I got up for a cool little run around Queenstown Hill- 1hr, 600m and then in the afternoon in Wanaka I did another 1hr25mins along Lake Wanaka towards Glendhu Bay. I had high hopes on Friday morning of tagging Mt Roy before the drive home, but with heavy rain and strong wind outside I couldn’t help but stay in bed….

Snow covered track on Queenstown Hill

Saturday was going to be a double, but after a phone call about a mission the next day I decided resting up would be a good thing. I started out from Lyttelton with Marty at 7am and had my ass dragged around to Diamond Harbor, 5hrs and 2000m later. The run was a great finish to another good week, that included summiting Mt Herbert, the highest peak on the Banks Peninsula.

Sign of the Kiwi with Mt Herbert in the distance.

The week ended up pretty good, much better than I planed- 13hrs and over 5400 vertical meters.


Well solid by my standards-

13th-19th September


6732 vertical meters climbed

No big major summits by any means, but some fun little hills climbs- Mt Richardson, Trig M, Sugar Loaf, Helicopter Hill and Break Hill we all included in the 6723 meters. I had hoped to hit 7 grand, for a average of 1000 a day, but that was not to be yesterday as I was feeling a little flat and only got 1 hr and 300m.

Last time I had a week like this was the last week of February, were I did 15hrs in the week (and 17.5hr in 8 days) and came off that week feeling super strong. I think I’ll be able to carry this on and get a few more weeks like this.

Highlights- The Blowhard track and bombing down knee deep snow off Helicopter Hill on Saturday during the storm.

T minus 12 weeks

just under 12 weeks till the Kepler and I am starting to get into the swing of things. For what ever reason the winter has all but been a right off as far as skiing has gone for me and I now have some serious tunnel vision going on, with my sights set on the 4th December.  Last week I was working at Cheeseman and despite running up the hill a few times before work, I only got 5hrs training over the week. This week I am back on my own schedule and are feeling refreshed after last week. The result- 8hrs and 3500+m climbing in the last 3 days. Will see how the week unfolds, but I feel good and it has that feel about, that it will be a good week of running.

Monday was 1.5hrs around Sumner/Godley Heads with 600m vert, Tuesday I started out in Cashmere, over Dyers Pass, Governors Bay, Lyttelton, up to the Crater Rim trails and back via Bowenvale for 3h40 and 1300m. Today I got out on some total new (for me) trails, running up the Blowhard track, eventually reaching Mt Richardson, 2hr50min and 1600m climbing.