T minus 12 weeks

just under 12 weeks till the Kepler and I am starting to get into the swing of things. For what ever reason the winter has all but been a right off as far as skiing has gone for me and I now have some serious tunnel vision going on, with my sights set on the 4th December.  Last week I was working at Cheeseman and despite running up the hill a few times before work, I only got 5hrs training over the week. This week I am back on my own schedule and are feeling refreshed after last week. The result- 8hrs and 3500+m climbing in the last 3 days. Will see how the week unfolds, but I feel good and it has that feel about, that it will be a good week of running.

Monday was 1.5hrs around Sumner/Godley Heads with 600m vert, Tuesday I started out in Cashmere, over Dyers Pass, Governors Bay, Lyttelton, up to the Crater Rim trails and back via Bowenvale for 3h40 and 1300m. Today I got out on some total new (for me) trails, running up the Blowhard track, eventually reaching Mt Richardson, 2hr50min and 1600m climbing.


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