New Brighton Pier 2 Pier 5km Race

photo- Rachel Harris

Had a fun little blast up and down New Brighton beach last night at the Pier 2 Pier 5km race. I haven’t done any speed work for a long time now and rather than doing my speed work out by myself up and down the gravel road in the beach forrest I figured I would do it on the beach. It was a little bit if a disappointing turn out all round, but with school holidays and the NZ road relay champs this weekend, it is not that surprising. Still, it is a bit of a worry when I can turn up and win a 5k race in Chch in 17 odd mins by over 1 min……..


7 thoughts on “New Brighton Pier 2 Pier 5km Race

  1. yes, gotta agree with that Matt, I still have yet to see her race!? Graham (2nd) and the kids were getting after it. Still, sounds like Rachel’s Kepler training is coming along nicely.

  2. Ha! I’m too precious to do those sorts of events – I’d never get my long runs done each week because it would take days for me to recover!! Oh, and I don’t ‘race’ – joggers don’t race. :-

    • “……Oh, and I don’t ‘race’ – joggers don’t race…..”

      are you sure about that, cos here’s another Mrs Harris quote

      “……This is where I was in my element – I picked off so many people who were really suffering by this stage……”

      Jeez I love having a head full of completely useless information 😀

      • Taken completely out of context Matt. That was taken from a blog about a meal I had at a buffet restaurant. 😀

      • Nice come back, I feel well and truly put in my place. I really should have put the link to the blog so it could have been read in full. Thank you for correcting what was onvioulsy an error on my part :p

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