47+hrs, 19500 vertical meters. Thats all made up from running (not counting ski touring). The body is feeling good after it all which really is the important part. I feel way happier and way stronger than I did this time a month ago, just after I raced the Naseby, so all is boding well in the big scheme of things. Coming up in October I have the 30k Crater Rim race, a few days running in Fiordland and more of the same as the last month. I guess I will start to include a speed session or 2 as well. I really want to get as much time on my feet and as much vertical as I can before November, when I will start to wind down a little on the bigger outings and crank out more short quality tempo type stuff. As soon as a little more snow is gone I will start doing one of my favorite test pieces here in the Craigieburn Range once a week or so. Depending on were I start, it is a 80-100min tempo run, with 800m or so vert that goes over a 1500m saddle. Going over last years log there are a few runs like this that I can not wait to sink my teeth into again!


5 thoughts on “September

  1. I did the Crater Rim last year and this weekend is a great weekend so i’ll miss it. Have a great run- looks like the tracks should be nice and dry- unlike last years!

    Good luck!

  2. I didn’t say I wanted all the snow to be gone, just when it is……
    Still a heap up this way, its looking good. You want to ski tomorrow?

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