Crater Rim Trail Run

The start of the 2010 Crater Rim 30km Trail Run

Yesterday I lined up in the 30km Crater Rim Trail Run, after doing the 2okm race last year. I was pretty excited, as I was looking at this race as the one to kick start my 2010/11 trail  racing season, as well as being a really good tester leading in to the Kepler.

I was feeling less than ideal, with tight and tired legs, but knew with Marty on the start line it was going to be a good outing. We got to the summit rd and the Crater Rim trail after a couple of steep up hills and an even steeper downhill. At this point I was about 30sec behind Marty and feeling really hot and pretty average. Once we hit the single track I was able to find my groove a little more and closed the gap somewhat. Once at the drinks station at the Sugar Loaf we left together as we headed for the Kiwi.

Running close behind Marty around the Sugar Loaf

Jane told me after the race that she laughed to herself as we ran down to the Kiwi as she could hear us chatting away to each other (we chatted away on and off for a lot of the race). Marty dropped me not long after this and as I ran into the Mt Ada drink station a mate, Gary was there watching the race. “I don’t give a shit how you feel, get up with Marty!” This would have to be the best piece of advice I have ever been given mid race and it really snapped me out of a little slump that I was starting to slide into. I got back up to Marty and we started chatting away again. Marty said we were making good time and looked good for a fast time- I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to hang for, but was still feeling good. For the next 59mins or so we ran back to the St Martins Primary School, chatting, then Marty would throw down, I some how would catch back up and we would chat away again. This went on until about 100-150m from the finish, when I couldn’t quite catch up. Marty 2hr10min30sec, me 2hr10min32sec.

Marty finishing, with me just to his left, behind the fence

I was pretty stoked with my race, hands down the most satisfying 2nd place finish I have ever had. The Port Hills Athletics Club put on a great event once again, even if SRC did steal the show!

Big thanks to Graham, who after racing in the Frost Buster on the Saturday, was all over the course, giving support, taking photos and giving the odd jab to us both.

Full Results HERE


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