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Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt Press Release 27 October 2010
Hi everyone
Please find our latest Press release below. If you require any further info please email
Kind regards
Kepler Challenge Media Team:
“With less than six weeks to go before the 23rd Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt, there are lots ofeager runners maintaining their training. The waitlist is long, but dropping steadily.
Martin Lukes, 3 time winner of the Kepler Challenge Men’s, wants to knock one more off before heturns 40.
2009 Women’s Champion, Vanessa Haverd, is low key about her chances this year. She is lookingforward to a good holiday and finishing in one piece.
Luxmore Grunt’s Men’s winner last year, Matthew Broad from Winton, is back trying to make it ‘two ina row’. With none of the top three women’s Luxmore Grunt placegetters for 2009 returning, the fieldis wide open. Bridget Davies from Queenstown, is looking to take top honours with an estimated timeunder two hours.”

I am glad I aren’t in the Luxmore Grunt, with Bridget Davies gunning for a sub 2hr time I am guessing there will be quite a few guys getting chicked. Mind you, I heard there is a little lady that can run pretty well that is after the womans Kepler record of 5hr23mins, so I might be getting chicked anyway…….


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