Kepler Challenge- 1994

A little trip back in time- a time when 30+ people went sub 6hrs in the Kepler!

While down home last week I managed to get my mum to find a few bits and pieces that she had from when she did the Kepler Challenge. It was pretty cool, she had her certificate from the Inaugural KC in 1988, as well as my dad’s one from the “Luxmore Fun Run”. 27k and 1200m vert is a pretty stiff “fun run”, guess that’s why the don’t call it that anymore?

My mum returned in ’94 for another crack (my dad I think was still recovering from his fun run 6yrs earlier), this time running about 90mins faster and just missing out on a sub 10hr time. Not bad mum!

Anyway, amongst the certificates and finishing medals was the below newspaper pull out, featuring Russel Hurring.


2 thoughts on “Kepler Challenge- 1994

    • yeah I would guess it was a rougher track? Not sure if it was, or if they even had “Great Walks” at that time? Even if they did the standard would be a lot higher (or lower?) than it is now. I think the track has been re routed, but the 67km vs current 60km I think has more to do with more accurate measuring than the re routing of the track.
      I was told the Russell Hurring still claims the record cause the track is shorter now

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