Mt Vernon Run Up

L to R:Vajin Armstrong, Marty Lukes, Grant Guise- photo: Rachel Harris- stolen from with out


Had a great time at the Sumner Running Clubs first race in the “Off Road Series”. I had spend the day in Chch talking with Brad from Sports Doctors, getting a x-ray, back to see Brad and then a very painful, but helpful, 30mins with Sally Physiotherampy Evolved all in a hope to try and get to the bottom of my hip issues. “Stress Fracture” was being thrown around, but I think (really hope) that this not the case and it is rather a muscle issue. My hip was still sore so I took it very easy on the Mt Vernon race. Vajin and Marty went out hard, while I was about 6th going into the single track and slowly worked my way into 3rd. My time was about 45sec slower than last year, but the effort felt much easier. Vajin run a very quick time!

Race report is here-

Next race is at Taylors Mistake, see you there!



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