Less Than 2 Weeks……

Less than 2 weeks now till the 2010 Kepler Challenge! I can’t wait to get on the 60km “Great Walk” and see what I can do on what has to be the most competitive and most popular trail/mountain running race in New Zealand. I have often read the phrase “The jewel in the NZ mountain running crown”and that seems to be fitting.

The build up over the last week or so has been less than ideal I must say. I did feel pretty good last weekend in regards to my hip issues, but not good enough to get out for the 5hr Mt Somers run with the lads from Sumner. I did get about 4hrs in over the weekend, which was a hug improvement from how I felt mid week. I then raced in the 2nd Off Road Series Race at Godley Heads. The Sumner Club again put on a great race, while I put on an average performance. I felt strong and fast but then blew up a little. Carsten Jorgenson  won in a record setting time, with Marty Lukes 2nd and C2C’er and 5hr35 Kepler runner Luke Vaughan coming in 3rd. I was 5th, just ahead of Jake Roberts- yes, the field for this tiny little mid week race was stacked! Maybe the Godley Head race is nipping at the Kepler’s heels for the most competitive trail race in NZ?

Short lived- me on Marty's shoulder early on in the Godley Head race

I got some more physio and acupuncture for my hip, which felt great, but then has played up again this weekend!?

More physio and acupuncture with Sally from Physiotherampy Evolved this week and maybe the last race in the Off Road Series, we will see? The taper has well and truly started. Kepler, Luxmore or DNS- what will be will be…….


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