Sunday Long Run

After such a huge rest before the Kepler Challenge last weekend my legs seem to have really bounced back well. I did a few easy 20-30min runs during the week, as well as have a few days totaly off running. So today I was ready for a good old “Sunday Long Run”. Check out the below link for the route  took-
CHV- Mtcheese Rd- Cheeseman- Izard- Cloudesley-Long Spur- CHV
I left home I run out the new Hogs back track and up the Cheeseman ski rd. I had George with me and we stopped at the Cheeseman water tank to fill up before we head up to the top of the Ridge Tow, took a sharp left and rambled along the ridge. We traversed over Cheeseman, Izard and Cloudesley, before taking Long Spur back down to the start of the Hogs Back track and home. It was a great 5hr outing, climbing about 2270m and acording to MapMyRun just under 30km. We encountered some strong winds, a little snow and a heaps of crappy rock, especially between Cheesemand and Izard. George and I shared a Cookie Time on the top of Cloudesley and the both sat in Thomas Stream once we got back to the Village.
Felt so good to be up high and out for a long run. My hip felt pretty good, as did my legs. Another pretty easy week and then it is go time!


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