Cashmere – Sumner

Meet up with Marty today for a great run from Cashmere out to Sumner via the Crater Rim trails in the Port Hills. After the crazy 35+ degrees heat  yesterday I was stoked to see some cloud cover when I got up, as between the Kiwi and Godely Head there is no water. I did 1hr in the heat of the day with Tim on Saturday and didn’t feel the need to spend 3+hrs running in that kind heat today.

Jules meet up with us for the first hour before turning back, leaving Marty, George and I to it. The trails were pretty quite, guess the low cloud and being the time of year it kept people away.
Was a pretty mellow 3hr40min and 1300m vert, with some cool scenery and views-
Godley Head

Godley Head

Approaching Taylors
Approaching Taylors


One of my favorite bits of trail, between Taylors and Sumner

Just got a new camera, nice and light and small, so hopefully will get some cool photos out on the trails over summer


One thought on “Cashmere – Sumner

  1. Hi Grant, sounds like your recovery from Kepler has been going well. I am keen
    on catching up and getting getting out for some solid runs over the next few weeks.
    Send me a message (vajin at

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