Mt Oxford and Mt Somers


Mt Oxford

Did a 2hr30min, 1300m vertical  run  around Mt Oxford on Friday with George-

George on Mt Oxford trail, with Mt Oxford in the distance

On 1364m Mt Oxford

Some standard steep as, nice n' rought Oxford trails......

and some yummy Oxford single track


Mt Somers

On boxing day I got out to 1687m high Mt Somers with Matt and Vajin


Vajin and Matt climbing Mt Somers south face
The cute couple run off together, they were just hand in hand…..
Matt’s highlight for the day, crossing a swing bridge
Matt and the Bus Stop over hang
Heading back to the car at Woolshed Creek

Todays 4hr10min, 2000m ascent Mt Somers run rounded out a solid week of training- 13hr45min and 6400m ascent. This is by far my best week since really injuring my hip about 2 months ago. I know have a week off work to max out the running, pity about the crap forecast…….


2 thoughts on “Mt Oxford and Mt Somers

    • thanks Peter.
      We camped at the Woolshead Creek (?) end and started from there, around the South Face and then took the summit track up to the top. From there we just went off track N-NW direction and dropped down to the Northern part of the loop.
      I think just parking at the Staverly end and running the loop and doing a small out and back up to the summit would be a better trip maybe?
      There is a link on the right to Mike Steel- he has really good route descriptions and maps.

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