Finishing Big

I managed to finish off 2010 with my biggest week and biggest month of training that I have ever managed to put together. I am 100% that the last week (which was not all in 2010) was my biggest ever- 19hr48mins and 8772m of vertical ascent, but because I lost all my training logs when I got my lap top fix in early April I am not 100% on the month totals, but I can’t ever remember doing more than the 49hs08mins and 20306m of vert that I did in December.
I had 10days off work (back today) and wanted to crank it. Day before and on Xmas day were mellow, about 3hr over those 2 days, but in the 8 day binge I got 24hrs and 10750 meters.
This was a great little 8 day block. It started with the Mt Somers run with Vajin and Matt and I was able to kick on from that. A few doubles, a few 3hr runs and finished it off with a touch under 4hr run with Marty were we linked Mt Richardson and Mt Thomas.
The call to run the 100km at Tarawera helped with the motivation to get out, as did having Matt camping up here, as well as Marty. Was a great little “training camp”
HERE is a story on the Tarawera Ultra.
I also got a new camera and had a play with the video function-


4 thoughts on “Finishing Big

    • hey peter,
      it was a little iffy, we went over some private land, maybe?? I wasn’t sure, might have been forestry?
      We had a very irate guy come out all piss and wind was we were jogging on the public road, so the while thing was kind of weird. I was really just following Marty’s lead. I think if you look on a topo map you can see some rds joining up. hope that helps

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