Tarawera Race Report

OK, this is a little long sorry…

Had a great day Saturday at the Tarawera Ultra 100km in Rotorua! Well it started in Rotorua at least.

It all started with a hiss and a roar in the dark at the Redwoods at 7am on Saturday morning.  Kerry Suter and another relay racer took off at what seemed like warp speed, a little pack quickly formed. I’m not sure of everyone in the group at first, but I do know I was really happy we quickly dropped the guy with the talking watch from the five fingers team and at once Dave Heatley put himself way way out in front of the 100k race and we dropped another few folks the “pack” of 4 that I expected was left- Kepler winner Vajin Amrstrong, 20yr old Kristian Day, 2:19 marathoner Sam Wreford and me, the “fat” guy. Seriously, those lads are tiny, I think they must have ice cubes for dinner or something……. Continue reading


Tarawera 100km Predictions

I have been described as being “wound up like kid in a lollie store” for the upcoming Tarawera Ultra Marathon (TuM), and that really is not to far off the mark. We are now just days away from the TuM and things are really heating up for the front of the pack in the mens 100km event (there are 60, 80 and rely events as well) so it seems like a good time for a little prediction post on the mens field of the TuM.  There is all kinds of talk about this race, which has been great to see. Big name runners have been flowing in and more to the point I think there are some lesser knows that will shake things up also, all with a eye on the newly carved Suter Memorial Trophy. There is a little talk around 4 runners in particular and if you can be asked there is a very colorful blow by blow account of how the race might play out on Sportz Hub. Continue reading

Been a long long time since I have posted here…………

Pretty busy with life I guess. Running a good bit, got married, working and of course the huge earthquke in Chch has had a impact of some sort on us all.

My running has been going pretty good. Got another 50hr month in for Jan and about 45hr for Feb which was great as I missed a few days with work and having a wedding. I did manage a great little jog around the St James which has been my running  high light thus far this year. Tarawera is now less than 2 weeks and I am feeling total ready- can’t wait. I am in a way better place than I was 2 weeks out from the Kepler in December, so hopefully this transfers into a good result. I will hopefully do a pre TuM post here in the next week of so, some guns on the start list, so worth chatting about.

Below is a little video of a run George and I did today, was fun to be in the snow, but I aren’t ready for summer to be over just yet.