Been a long long time since I have posted here…………

Pretty busy with life I guess. Running a good bit, got married, working and of course the huge earthquke in Chch has had a impact of some sort on us all.

My running has been going pretty good. Got another 50hr month in for Jan and about 45hr for Feb which was great as I missed a few days with work and having a wedding. I did manage a great little jog around the St James which has been my running  high light thus far this year. Tarawera is now less than 2 weeks and I am feeling total ready- can’t wait. I am in a way better place than I was 2 weeks out from the Kepler in December, so hopefully this transfers into a good result. I will hopefully do a pre TuM post here in the next week of so, some guns on the start list, so worth chatting about.

Below is a little video of a run George and I did today, was fun to be in the snow, but I aren’t ready for summer to be over just yet.


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  1. If I don’t back Vajin, Prasasta will take a stick to me, but Sam Wreford is pretty bloody good. Maybe I’ll just keep my head down.

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