Long Spur Slog

Been a while since the last post. I haven’t been running a heap, but getting out most days. Been working building the new Hogs Back mountain bike track, so have been able to run to/from work!

I have the Routeburn Classic in a week and TNF100 in 3 weeks (more about these 2 later), but the main focus has changed from a 32km mountain run to a 100k one. On that note I wanted to go a little longer today. Not super long as I am pretty sore from the track building. Rather than get a solid 5-6hrs, I want to do around 3hrs a day over the easter break. I am gonna be tired for the Routeburn thats for sure. So today, with some new tunes from DKM and with George and Oscar I headed up Mt Cloudesley via Long Spur and back via Leith Hill.

Long Spur/Mt Cloudesley in cloud

Thomas Stream, CHV and Torelsse Range

Doggies- woof woof

George on Cloudesley summit- 2107m

timer action- between Long Spur and Leith Hill

George loving the scree on Leith Hill


Apart from twisting my ankle and it making some grim sounding crunching nosies, it was as a great morning out in the hills- 3hrs, 1600m climbing, some knee deep snow drifts, lots of walk inducing steeps, 2 summits, a 2107m high point and a super fun down hill to finish it off, all with 2 great little running buddies.


4 thoughts on “Long Spur Slog

    • yeah, spelling is not my strong point LT. You no me england aren’t to good….
      Think I’v fixed it all now. Have fun mincing in QT

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