Canadian Death Race!

The North Face Canadian Death Race—125 kilometres, three mountain peaks, 17,000 feet of total elevation gain and a major river crossing!!!

I am seriously pumped for this one. Late July I will fly out to Canada and travel to the small town of Grande Cache where the CDR takes place on the 30th July. The CDR is part of the Death Festival.

It sounds pretty burly to say the least. 2009 winner Sean Meissner calls it “very rugged and technical” and 2x WS100 winner and last years CDR winner Hal Koener makes it sounds bruttle. I know if it took him almost 13hrs then it is rough.

Anyway, this is gonna be sick! I can’t wait. Looking forward to catching up for burgers and beers with Ricky Gates as well as meeting up with Canadian Salomon Running community manager Phil Villeneuve . We might even see Frosty there!

Huge Huge Thank You to Salomon Running, Greg, Phil and Anna!

More to come later, but heres a little vid from last year-


6 thoughts on “Canadian Death Race!

  1. Nice, that’ll be a piece of cake after you’ve towed me around the hills of Canterbury for 12 Hours 😀 I’ll put a lazy 5 South Pacific Pesos on GTG for the Win.

  2. your’e getting some good gigs now that youv’e joined the white trouser club,good on you.Going tio have to work though. Luck to you.J & A

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