Big Weekend Out

13hr+hrs and 4900 vertical meters running for the weekend- it helped that it was a long weekend for sure! For a 7day block- Tuesday-Monday I did about 17hrs and around 6800m vert. Thats good for me and real good as it is only 3 weeks since TNF100. Certainly the CDR has refocused my training and the fact that there is (sadly) zero skiing options right now makes it easy to get out and run. Gary was a great training partner over the last 3 day and it really made it easy to get out after it having another motivated person to run with. After seeing him get through this training block I am really excited to see what he can do at the Naseby 100k in August. He even hooked em up with food on todays run! For todays outing Gary and I were also joined by Mart and Graeme. Marty’s biggest outing since Northburn 100miler and Graeme had just run a 76min 1/2 at the SBS yesterday!


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