Been a while since I’v put any thing up here. Just been cruising along- same same really. A bit of running, some work with Dynafit/ARVA and and even this week I managed to get out for a ski during a lull in the crazy storm that has gripped the country.

Been running in the snow a heap. Last week it was from the south and super windy, so no snow for skiing in the Craigieburns- it had all blown into the valley which made for super fun running. Now we have a shit load of snow, but still crazy 100km+ gale winds from the NW, so in the valley it is. Did the Hogs Back today. Normally about 55mins out to the Cheeseman Rd/Texas Flat, but with the deep snow today it was more like 1hr25. Lots of walking and slogging in the snow- was fun. Once I was on the Cheeseman rd it had been plough and was much easier running up to what use to be Middle Hut, around 1300m.

In between those 2 storms we got over to the West Coast/Brunner – I run and Jane waddled……

Have a new supporter in Peter from Voyager- they do Leppin and Clif Bar. I have not used Leppin that much at all, but haven been enjoying the Vanilla EA drink mix and I think that the Ultimate Electrolyte caps will really come in handy at the end of the month. I have used Clif Bar products for ages now and love them. I use to buy the bars at the super market in Truckee for ski touring trips, have used the gels on and off for running and really got in to the Bloks this past summer- pretty much they were the only thing I could really eat late in the Tarawera 100k and TNF100. Add to the fact that I like Clif is that they are  all-natural and organic- something that is getting more and more important in my food choices these days. Thanks for the support Peter (Leppin/Clif Bar)!!

Wrote a story on the Canadian Death Race and my build up for it for Sportz Hub- click HERE to check it out. Only about 3 weeks now!


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  1. Good stuff regarding the nutrition; excellent! Batten down the roof for the next few days. If you see George flying past you know there is a gust on its way. Cheers!

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