CDR- Ellie Greenwood Interview

This will be the first in hopefully 4-5 small interviews pre Canadian Death Race with some past Death Races. Hopefully we can get a little more insight into the Death Race and what to expect.

Today- Ellie Greenwood. Ellie’s winning time last year- 13hr28min- is the second fast time ever on the course (only 45mins behind Hal Koerner’s 12hr45). Check out Ellie’s results on Ultra Signup– 99.5%- kind speaks for its self. One thing I couldn’t see on Ultra Signup was her World 100km title. Oh, and check out her latest result- a slick 17hr55 at WS100!
– Canadian Death Race- first thing that comes to mind?  friendly small town hospitality and beautiful trails and terrain

– Best thing about the CDR?  the way it takes over Grande Cache and locals who are likely not runners are out manning aid stations, cheering runners on and generally welcoming racers to their town

– Least favourite thing about the CDR?  worrying you are going to lose your silver coin that you need to cross the river at something over 100km into the race!

– Hardest section/leg in the CDR?  Hammel – 65km down but still 60km to go which incs the biggest climb of the race

– Tip for racing the CDR?  nothing special – just enjoy the scenery and atmosphere, check out the course profile before hand so you know there the runnable sections are and where the big climbs are so you can mentally prepare for your least favourite parts and also look forward to sections that play to your strengths.

– Did you/would you use poles- why/why not?  I used poles on legs 2 & 4 and would stick to same plan again. The otehr legs are runnable so they would be a hindrance and not a help, but on the big climbs and steep downs they are a definite benefit and save the leg power for other sections.

– Best place in Grande Cache for pre race fuelling? Noelle’s cafe

– Best place in Grande Cache for a post race brew? back at the campsite with fellow racers!

Thanks heaps Ellie!

HERE is Ellie’s CDR report from 2010


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