Pre CDR- Jack Cook Interview

This is the 2nd in a small series of interviews in preparation for the Canadian Death Race, a 125km race in Grande Cache, Alberta, that I will be lining up in as part of the Salomon Running Team on the 30th July! You can check out my first CDR post HERE.

Yesterday we caught up with Ellie Greenwood– today we chat with 3x Canadian Death Race winner Jack Cook! Jack has a slick personal best time of 13hr48min for the CDR and is set to tow the line again at this year’s race after a DNF in 2010. I really appreciate Jack taking the time to answer a few questions and look forward to catching up with him on “leg 6”.

-Canadian Death Race- first thing that comes to mind?– a true town even

– Best thing about the CDR? the festival atmosphere and the people of Grande Cache

– Least favourite thing about the CDR? not being able to finish

– Hardest section/leg in the CDR? for me leg 3 as my back spasm after leg 2

– Tip for racing the CDR? leave your expectations at home and enjoy each moment

– Did you/would you use poles- why/why not? no, I do not find them useful

– Best place in Grande Cache for pre race fuelling? pre race pasta dinner

– Best place in Grande Cache for a post race brew? Grande Cache hotel, also known as leg 6 and the music of what we refer to as big patio

Jack Cook Photo by: Steve Baker

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