Pre CDR- Sean Meissner Interview

This is the 3rd in a small series of interviews in preparation for the Canadian Death Race, a 125km race in Grande Cache, Alberta, that I will be lining up in as part of the Salomon Running Team on the 30th July! You can check out my first CDR post HERE.

So far we have caught up with 2010 woman’s winner Ellie Greenwood and 3x CDR winner Jack Cook. Today- 2009 CDR winner and Montrail athlete Sean Meissner. Sean has a long list of top race results and if you follow the “Kilian’s Quest” series you might recognise him as one of the paces on the Tahoe Quest.

-Canadian Death Race- first thing that comes to mind? Very tough race with lots of camaraderie between competitors.

– Best thing about the CDR? That it’s a very self-sufficient race. Although there are aid stations, there aren’t many for a race of this magnitude. When you do get to an aid station, you’re extremely thankful for all of the volunteers there to help get you refueled, and send you off with a “Go Death Racer” for the next 2-4 hours!

– Least favourite thing about the CDR?  It’s really hard (but that’s also a huge reason about why it’s so cool!)!!!

– Hardest section/leg in the CDR?  Leg 2- 2 big climbs, very rugged, extremely technical descents – extremely steep, rutty, rocky, rooty. A couple times while running down Flood, I fell back on my butt and slid downhill about 10-20 feet.

– Tip for racing the CDR? The 1st and 3rd legs are the easiest; don’t get sucked into going to fast on leg 1, then use leg 3 to turn the legs over a bit before the long, grinding climb up Hamel. Stay very hydrated and take lots of electrolytes. Doing these things will make you feel much better, enabling you to eat more calories, which then give you the energy needed for this crazy race!

– Did you/would you use poles- why/why not? I didn’t use them, and didn’t even own them at the time. But now I have a pair and I would most definitely use them on legs 2 and 4. Both of these sections have really, really long and steep climbs, so I think poles would be very beneficial in taking some of the work off of my legs. Although leg 5 has a steep climb right after the boat, I think it’s short enough to not want to carry poles the entire section.

– Best place in Grande Cache for pre race fuelling?  I can’t remember what or where I ate the night before, but if there was a Subway in town, I probably had my usual pre-race dinner – a foot long Spicy Italian.

– Best place in Grande Cache for a post race brew?  When I finished, I was too beat to do anything except go back to my hotel, shower, and painfully twitch all night. In the morning, I can’t remember where I went for breakfast, but I do remember consuming lots of greasy bacon and lots of cheesey homefries. Mmmmm…

Thanks Sean!


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