Pre CDR- Hal Koener Interview

This is the 4th in a small series of interviews in preparation for the Canadian Death Race, a 125km race in Grande Cache, Alberta, that I will be lining up in as part of the Salomon Running Team on the 30th July! You can check out my first CDR post HERE.

So far we have caught up with 2010 woman’s winner Ellie Greenwood, 3x CDR winner Jack Cook and Sean Meissner.  Today- 2010 CDR winner and record holder Hal Koener. Not only does Hal have the CDR title and CR in what was his 100th ultra marathon, Hal also has the 2007 and 2009 WS100 titles to his name- as well as a heap of other ultra wins.

-Canadian Death Race- first thing that comes to mind? – Imposing

– Best thing about the CDR? – Grande Cache. I loved the town and the enthusiasm of every citizen, the wilderness’s desolate vibe, the chance encounter with real wildlife, and the grande scale of such a unique event.

– Least favourite thing about the CDR?  – Slugfest, are you kidding?  🙂:)

– Hardest section/leg in the CDR?  – 4, Hamel never seemed to end and then you aren’t even close to finished with the leg.

– Tip for racing the CDR? Bring lots of water!

– Did you/would you use poles- why/why not? -I didn’t use poles, I didn’t think there was enough Steep un-runnable terrain.  But I’m warming up to the idea.

– Best place in Grande Cache for pre race fuelling? – I had Pizza in the mall, not too bad.

– Best place in Grande Cache for a post race brew?  I sat in my hotel room and drank a Wildcat, I did have breakfast at Milos the next morning and that was divine.


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