Canadian Death Race and the end for a while

This is a few weeks old now and most that check into this blog will be well aware of the result and how things played out at the CDR up in Grande Cache, Alberta, but it is still nice to put down a few things of how it all went here on my blog, for personal reasons if nothing else.

Getting out of Chch airport, a F’n nightmare, don’t get me started…..

Canmore was  great and PhilV was a great host! We run a little here before the long and beautiful drive north to Grande Cache.

End of 2nd leg

End of 2nd leg

I have written a meaty account of the CDR but this might be destioned for greater places, so I will write here a Rickey Gates inspired race report

The race started-

I felt O K, then kind crappy, then real crap, then I wanted to pull out, I felt a touch better, but still crap, this lasted until 9hrs of running, then I felt OK, so I run fast, I still felt OK, but probably wasn’t really running that fast, then I started to feel good, then very good (I just passed a guy for 3rd place), then I was pumped (I just finished!), then every thing hurt. The hurt lasted until I was back home in Castle Hill, about 4-5 days. Full Results



13hr48mins and 3rd place. I was happy with the place, but should have run faster, oh well. Talking with Rickey he was not sureprised by my flatish feelings. The CDR was tacked on to TNF100, which was tacked on to the Routeburn. That was meant to be then end of running for me, way back in April. So adding 3months of running to the summer mean I was pretty much racing/training for 12 months- a bad thing in my mind. Not that racing in TNF100 or CDR were bad things, they were probably the coolest 2 running/race experiences I have had, I would not change a thing.

I took about 2 weeks off after CDR, not a single step of running. I have run 3 times since now, every time with out a watch, more to get George out than anything. The game has changed, for me at least, a lot in 12 months. Next biggie is the Kepler and its gonna be one hell of a show down. Lot of folks turning up for this one. I’d be lucky if I get top 10 this year with that shit I pulled at last year at the Kepler.

But first things first- some Jane time  and some skiing. That and a heap of work.

Figure I made a few really nice people answer my shitty questions on the CDR, so I better play ball I do the same-

-Canadian Death Race- first thing that comes to mind? – a great experience, with some great friends

– Best thing about the CDR? – same as above really, getting to hang out with new friends, a tough course and seeing this small town embrace ultra running so much

– Least favourite thing about the CDR?  – getting some nasty water in my bottles for leg 3- avoid the big water tank near the start finish area!

– Hardest section/leg in the CDR?  –  leg 3, meant to be the easy one, but I suffered bad on this cruise 19km

– Tip for racing the CDR? get use to running with wet shoes, socks- I blistered up

– Did you/would you use poles- why/why not? -I did, but I am not 100% sold. I would not bother with leg 2, but maybe use them on leg 4.

– Best place in Grande Cache for pre race fuelling? – We had a big pasta meal for dinner and eggs for breakfast- just cooked at our camp spot in Tent City

– Best place in Grande Cache for a post race brew?  I was handed a beer as I sat on the grass at the finish line. We then went to Vegas Bar and Grill, but I felt like shit and had a ginger beer. Pizza was good.