WTF Has Been Going On….

What’s been happening since the CDR and my last post- all kinds of shit!

A bit of skiing- not enough-with a trip south to MCNP and Southern Lakes, then some running and crewing for matt and marty at Naseby. Gary and I really just drunk and got in the way, but it was a good weekend. Even further south for some family time in Riverton, were Jane meet George and I. The 4 of us then heading to Haast for my nephews 10th birthday and then we went into Barn Bay for a few nights! Back home and back into some running. A few roadie fag races and even some speed work over the last month, teamed up with some super fun ski tours made for about 40hrs and 12,000m vert for September- a good way to get back into things. My body is still all hurting- hip issues came back and my Achilles pain (a result of twisting my ankle on top of Mt Cloudesly way back in Easter) have been bothering me a good bit. I also started training the same week I started back building for the summer, so I’v been pretty beat, but loving it. The summers running goals are a little different to this time last year. Little to no expectations and the only real big goal is to stand on the start line of a race with out some bullshit injury/niggle that effects the way I feel/run.

Jane is steadily growing bigger and bigger! On that note I have no races plans after the Kepler, as there will be a big shift in focus- can’t wait!

Below are a few photos from the last few weeks-


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