Bell Hill Challenge

Run the Bell Hill Challenge yesterday, a new event organised by Chris Cox, the man behind the Avalanche Peak Challenge and the now defunct Flag Pole race. The 19km Bell Hill race has taken the place of Flag Pole and it was great to see the solid 240 odd people turn out.

At the pointy end the field was pretty solid. James Coubrough, who biked from Chch to Akaroa and back on Friday before seeing a flyer for the Bell Hill turned up and crushed the field. He run about 1hr23. 2010 Kepler winner Vajin Armstrong was around 1hr31, in 3rd, around 1hr32 was a Euro guy living in Chch. I am really sorry I missed his name… I came in 4th about 1hr33, with Graeme Bee 5th in about 1hr35.

Fleur Pawsey took out the woman’s race.

It was a great little course- super steep rough climb up to Bell Hill and then forestry roads for about 15-16km. This road section was pretty fast running- not so much my style, but it was really good to get the legs turning over. Defiantly got out of the race what I wanted.

Next week is the Southern Crossing Race, or the Taraura Mt Race– 35 very slow and rough kms, much more my style I think- we will see. Here is a taste of the course 

October has been pretty good- about 49hrs and 17000m vert.


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