A Week

far out, what a difference a weeks makes……

This time last week I feeling very “flat” running wise. I looked like I was gonna lose my 9th or so toe nail since March (thankfully did not!) and the three 100+km races I done from March-July really felt like they had caught up with me. Certainly the last thing I felt like doing was heading down to Te Anau for another race in 4 weeks time. I was over racing, burn out even? I felt this in the final hour or so of the Taraura Mt Race, as I kind of checked out and cruised in from Field Hut. That really annoyed me, missing a sub 5hr finish cause I settled on running easy. But I was over it and even considered not going down to Te Anau.So I had Sunday off and that was nice. I had planned on running after work Monday (cause I was still gonna run Kepler and a easy 45 would be good for me). But we had anti natal class and had to take off as soon as I finished work. Then Tuesday we got rained off the building site- so I ran. Just easy, a cruiser on the Hogs Back, in the pissing rain. I am not sure what it was, but I came home feeling 100 times better than when I left. Some how things seemed to snow ball and I ended the training week doing  over 13hrs, 5000m vert, 5 days of doubles. The numbers are not huge, I don’t think for a moment they are. What was huge for me was a shift on mind set. I got some really good trail time in, cleared the head a little. I am so much further ahead than I was this time last year in my Kepler prep and I managed to remind my self that. No longer is 60km and scary distance to race, I don’t have a messed up hip (or any of the other painful niggles that I did have over the last 12 months) and I have even been doing some speed work, getting the legs turning a little faster.

I am still planing on having a good break post Kepler, but I am now excited to get to Te Anau and run hard. The race up front is gonna be a good one, maybe do a little post on that later.


One thought on “A Week

  1. Nice. Good to see mojo is back and that you’re keen on running in Te Anau. Field sure is stacked, even if half the guys and girls are injured or pretending to be injured.

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