“So long and thanks for all the shoes….”

“So long and thanks for all the shoes” was more or less what I was saying, if you were to read between the lines, but I’ll get to that e-mail later, first a few other things.

FKT forum- I set up a forum a week or so ago for Fastest Known Times (FKT) in New Zealand. Its a bit of fun and hopefully people will get into it and post up their times for different tracks and peaks, summer or winter, running, hiking, ski touring- whatever. Check it out, hopefully we can all inspire each other to get after it and push a little harder – http://fktnewzealand.myfreeforum.org/

The mighty ‘Naki- if we are mates on facebook you might just have seen my name tagged in relation to a trip this coming weekend to Mt Taranaki. The trip seems to have taken on a life of its own, but the guts of it is along with MattB and Anna Frost, I will head up on Friday and have a jog around Mt Taranaki. The current Round the Mountain (RTM) FKT stands at 5hr17min by Greg Babour and is pretty much unbeatable due to track damage and the route Greg used way back in 1993 no longer exists, well at least part of it not longer does. So I will be trying to set a new, post 1993, FKT for the Taranaki RTM. Matt is going to see how many times he can summit Taranaki from North Egmont in a 24hr period and Anna will have a crack at the woman’s ascent/descent FKT. We will also be accompanied by ace picture taker Paul Petch. You can check out this blog for all kinds of Taranaki speed record goodness. How this little run will go for me I have no idea as I am in less than ideal shape right now and pretty tired with work and playing dad (which is really hard work but super fun!)

I have had a few good training runs lately, nothing crazy, but good fun.

I ran this lovely ridge this morning- Castle Hill Peak

Right, back to what I started with- I wrote an e-mail last month just after the Kepler to Greg, who I think I would be right in saying is the master mind behind Salomon Running’s total domination over the past 12+months. You would have seen Greg in the “Kilian’s Quest” and “5 Continents” films. I was amazingly lucky to be a part of this last year, getting to travel first to TNF100 and then the CDR with the Salomon team. I didn’t really feel like I pulled my weight (but how the hell can you relative to the rest of this team?!) and was ready for the cut. So I wrote a “thank you” e-mail (so long and thanks for all the shoes). I almost fell off my chair (and am pretty sure I screamed like an excited little girl getting a my little pony for her birthday….) when I got an e-mail back from Greg asking if I wanted to travel far and wide, running in tight white lycra and bright coloured shoes. I of course had to take a few days and think this over, before I reluctantly said yes- yeah no, I wrote back more or less straight away, hardly able to contain myself with excitement. I have to admit the plan this year was no plan other than play dad and focus on that. But when an opportunity like this (I will not call it a “once in a life time”, cause I am on to my 6th or 7th one of those now and it’s losing its impact) comes along one has to grab it, shake the crap out of it, make it their own and run with it! It is going to be a very fun year, returning to a few races I need some redemption at, as well as travelling somewhere new. I will get into the details in a bit, after Taranaki, but I will say I am going to be catching up with Salomon Team mates Ryan Sands and Jen Segger in Asia- it’s going to be a blast!

Nice job on lasting the distance on what has to be one of my longer, more ranting blog posts. This kind of endurance should serve you well in an ultra race! As a reward, if you’re the first person to leave a comment, correctly naming the source of  “so long and thanks for all the shoes” (like most things you’ll read here that is cleaver and/or witty, I didn’t come up with it) I will send you out a DVD of the 2010 season of Kilian’s Quest (and maybe a Salomon Buff if I still have any new ones around). Only catch, if I have already given you a DVD (and Buff) then you can’t win- gotta share the love. And NZ post only sorry- international postage is $$


9 thoughts on ““So long and thanks for all the shoes….”

  1. So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes is the seventh studio album by the American punk rock band NOFX. It was released on November 11, 1997 through Epitaph Records.;)

    Great read Grant and congrats on another year of adventure. Hope to see you out there ?




    • Well that was to easy, dam wiki
      Great album if your into that kind of stuff!
      I am gussing you have have a copy or 2 of that dvd Marcus if not let me know.
      Cheers mate

  2. I don’t want a DVD- just a return ticket from Oz to run that Castle Hill Peak Ridge- looks amazing! Congratulations on making the S-team – just a dream for most of us….

    • thanks Flyer- its a dream for me also!
      Yeah that ridge up on to Castle Hill Peak is sweet, but I wish I had my camera for the ridge I climbed the day before (Hamilton Peak), that was unreal….

  3. And I’m assuming the album title refers to Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy when the dolphins sing “so long and thanks for all the fish”. I’ve only seen the movie, not read the book so can’t be certain. Or the movie stole the song.

    Good work on Salomon staying with you, and giving you more adventures to run!

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