A quick post- I am writing this somewhere over Wellington I think.
I am pretty sure that most that know me well will already know this, but sometimes things get lost on blogs  and social media. A fancy pair of shoes, with a matching top, a sponsors name/logo and some self promoting bla bla are all good, but not lossing touch is more good.
Tomorrow or when ever it is I get to go for a jog around Mtg Taranaki respect will be at the first thing on my mind. Respect for the trail the
will be out in front of me and for the amazingly fast time of Greg Babours. It has after all be around since 1993.
I needed to get that out. I have been reading all kinds of stuff and if I was not on the inside of this weekend, if I was looking in reading all this stuff I would almost be thinking “jez, these jokers  are pretty full of it and lacking respect”. Excitement and lack of respect can get blurred at times……
After all it is just running, beautiful in its simplicity.


One thought on “Respect

  1. Nice one Grant, I caught up with Greg Barbour and a couple of Taranaki locals a week or so ago, and they were just stoked you guys were going to try and crank it out…nice work! Looking forward to your write-up.

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