Hong Kong 100K

So before I get to the blow by blow race report of this past Saturday’s epic Hong Kong 100 Ultra, I have to give a small blow by blow account of what was an amazing and easily one of the most memorable weeks I have experienced.

Also worth noting, it’s kind of a long post, so depending on the time of day, grab a strong coffee, or a good micro brew and settle in……..

The trip to Hong Kong was pretty smooth and I arrived at the hotel around 830am and was greeted by Joseph, the local HK Salomon rep. I then dumped my stuff and went exploring, with the goal being breakfast! On the walk back to the hotel I spotted Ryan and we got out for a little jog around the water front of HK. Things then got blurry as we met smiling face after smiling face and ate all kinds of goodness. Not just that night, this went on until Thursday night. It was pretty amazing, I have never meet so many friendly, happy, and enthusiastic people in such a short time before.

The crew from Wednesdays group run

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Hong Kong- Here I Come! (& you can win a pack!!)

So its 430am the day I fly out to Hong Kong, another 16hrs till I leave Chch (23 until I get on a plane in Auckland) and I am wide awake. No I am not that uncontrollably excited, I am spending some quality time with Bella before I leave. I am guessing she realises I am off for a week and thus is not going down to sleep so we can hang out- it’s actually pretty nice.

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Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon

Wow- what a race, what a course!

I would be the first to admit that I didn’t give this course/race the respect it deserved. My race plans for the summer were non existent (and as I posted earlier that has well and truly changed) and I told Adrian this way back in October when he first told me about his Mountain Marathon. Even back then it sounded pretty epic and got me thinking. He kept at me and as my race plans developed I went from no races, to thinking it was going to be too close to the Hong Kong 100k. Then just over 2 weeks ago Adrian wrote me again, with the offer of an entry. This combined with all the amazing course photos he was posting on the ActiveQT FB page was enough for me to fold like a pocket knife and give in- I was signed up and very excited. There was of course the brutal 45km, 6hr, 2500m RTM Taranaki run 6 days earlier in my legs and a nasty head cold/flu I had picked up mid week (and I haven’t had a good nights sleep in 6 weeks). But this I told myself would be a great last training run before HK. Continue reading