Easing Back

Been a very cruise few weeks post HK100. I have had some really good time hanging out with Jane and Bella a bunch around home and have eased my way back into running (and work). A few easy runs here and there and even getting out with Mal Law at the start of the week- I took him over one of my favourite runs- Camp Saddle. Mid week I had a real bomb shell dropped on me that is no doubt going to really rock our way of life and ability to have the life style that Jane and I are striving to give our serfs and now pass onto little Isabella. But as one door closes (or should I say is slammed in your face just after your were kicked in the balls spat on) another one opens. I don’t take to being fucked with lightly, not to this extent, so it will be interesting to see how things shake out in the next while….

But enough of that stuff- this blog is ski and run based, not personal ranting. What the week has shown me is just how important spending time with my girls and trail time (with George!) is. Running, as we all know, is such a good why to clear ones head and after this week I have no idea what I would have done if I din’t have that outlet. And then there’s little Bella- she smiles at me now and that makes all my problems vanish in a instant.

Snow on the hills today and the Hack came out for a look- good times.



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