Losing myself in Hanmer

After a rough week* I was looking forward to getting away to Hanmer Spring with Jane’s side of the family for some quiet time as well as kicking off my training after some quite time after the Hong Kong 100k last month.

We arrived on Saturday and and after settling in I ventured out with the goal of Mt Isobel, a lovely wee peak that over looks Hanmer township. I had run around here once before, a few years ago. The result was a 2hr20 run, 1200m+ vert, Mt Isobel and Conical Hill bagged and being lost on more than one occasion- it was great. I really enjoyed exploring, getting lost, finding myself again, trying to run out some build up frustrations, as I dreamed of what the future might hold. A highlight getting to the top of Isobel and chatting with an older guy who was nice enough to shared some water with me. He was 69yrs old and had taken only 2.5hrs to get to the top of Mt Isobel! After that I headed down and run to the Dog Stream water fall, flowed down a bunch of trails who’s names I can’t remember, nor tried to. Left or right?? it didn’t matter, I just went with what ever flowed, that lead me to the top of Conical Hill. It was super hot out and that night and the next morning I was feeling worse for wear, as I think I got a little dehydrate, the BrewMoons probably didn’t help. The next day, feeling a little sluggish, I only went out for 1hr45 in the St James Conservation Area. I headed up and over Fowlers Pass, which was amazingly good single track! Last night I awoke (or was kept up by my lovely little Bella:-) ) to hear heavy rain out. This made this mornings run up Mt Isobel even better, slick track with every things looking fresh and dripping wet. GDog and I run out for the low cloud and into the sun on the summit. I just hang out at the top for a while, this time just George and I, taking in the (lack of) view of the clouds, before throwing myself back down the single track.

* I was told after 5 years of working my ass off importing dynafit that the brand was being taken off me and giving to another nz importer, who will benefit from my hard work over the last 5 years, while I am left with zip. I am a tad bitter about it to say the least


5 thoughts on “Losing myself in Hanmer

  1. Hanmer looks like a great area for running with plenty of options. Enjoy the stay and live in the moment 🙂 I can see why you’d be bitter about work but I’m sure new doors will open.

    • thanks Alistair!
      yeah news doors opening (being prided open) as we speak.
      Hanmer is a pretty sweet spot for trails that’s forsure!

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